Hamish The PolarBear (Paul Walsh)

I stream Radio style shows and Operate Fediverse servers.

HamishTPB receives £6.98 per week from 2 patrons. Goal: £10.00
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I stream Radio-style shows on Mondays and Thursdays. Tuesdays are currently in flux so keep an eye on the website for current streams and Wednesdays are part-time with MultiPlayer gaming with guests once or twice a month.

I use GNU/Linux for all my computers and I try to use free and open source software for all my computing including my server applications and my home A/V & webcasting studio.

I do various projects with electronics, programming, "maker"ing as well as tabletop gaming and scale models. I also play music. I sometimes do some of these things on my streams!

Most recently I have started hosting several Fediverse servers, so far Mastodon, PeerTube with others coming in the future.

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HamishTPB joined 4 years ago.

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