Get Docker onto your Rasperry Pi in under 5 Minutes

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Our activity: We develop a SD-card image (-> Github repo) everyone can use to start with Docker on IoT devices like Raspberry Pis within 5 Minutes. All our software is released as open source -> download. In addition we publish blog posts about our projects -> Our blog

Why "pirates"?!: We called ourselves the “Docker Pirates” to express our rebellious and anti-establishment attitude. As the establishment was only concerned with Docker on big server we went the opposite direction and asked ourselves how to use container technology on really small devices. We believe that Docker can be even more useful on small devices than on big servers.

Our mission: Since we started in early 2015 our mission was to make container technology a first class citizen on ARM and IoT devices. Then and now Docker was the dominant container technology so it made sense to concentrate on Docker.


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