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We all know that personal finances can be difficult to manage. Plenty of cool solutions exist, but they all expect you to upload your financial data to the cloud. But no more!

For a few years now I've been developing Firefly III. It was born out of the need to have some kind of tool to manage my own finances. Not so complex that you would have to follow an accounting course, but not too limited in functions either. I couldn't find any one, so I created my own tool. This tool was called "Firefly" and it is the predecessor to Firefly III.

After some times friends and family got interested and I decided to build something they could use. Having evolved beyond Firefly I decided to dub the new application "Firefly III", make it open source and put it on Github.

Much to my surprise, a lot of people started using it as well. Now, a few years later, Firefly III has a small community of dedicated users that use it to manage their finances. It can import data from other banks, runs on Docker and even has multi-currency support. Things I never would have built if it wasn't for you all! :-D

Firefly III has grown from a simple script to a pretty advanced application, and I'm very proud of its evolution.

You can help me develop this open source and self-hosted application by doing a small donation. The money is used to host the demo site and pay various small expenses.

Thank you for considering sponsoring the development of Firefly III!

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