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Hey there, I'm Jae, I make code and I run public instances

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Hey there, I'm Jae, I make code and I run public instances.
I also make some software: my repos.

Jae Internet Services AD

  • Piped - yt.jae.fi
  • Nitter - twitter.jae.su
  • LibReddit - rd.jae.su
  • Reddit Search - reddit.jae.su
  • PrivateBin - bin.jae.fi
  • Keyoxide - keys.jae.fi
  • ProxiTok - tok.jae.fi
  • SearXNG - search.jae.fi
  • Wikiless - wiki.jae.fi
  • Rimgo - imgur.jae.fi
  • Excalidraw - draw.jae.fi
  • Hydrogen - hydrogen.jae.fi
  • SimplyTranslate - translate.jae.fi

Servers costs are around 210€ a month.

You can read the explanation here.

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newer.jae.fi 1 Updated 4 months ago

camfinder 1 Updated 6 months ago

A public webcam finder using the Shodan API.

gh-bot 4 Updated 6 months ago

The worst but simplest webhook bot for GitHub and Matrix.

exiftool-rs 12 Updated 8 months ago

Image metadata scrubber written in Rust.

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