Jeff & Breakfast Vehicle Warfare (Xonotic Server)

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MOTD: Welcome to Jeff & Breakfast Vehicle Warfare | Owner: [Jeff] [breakfast] |( | ( ( | Admin: Bleidd64, Carl, Yurashina, [Julius] | Contact: <>

  • This server costs us €31,19/month (with discount) to run, and only exists because of donations. Hosting used:
  • 🎉 Thanks to all the donations, servers are now paid for 6 upcoming months (until 04 January 2020)! We also have €37.21 deposited on hosting balance! 🎉
  • All donations over 6 months of hosting (€187.13) will go towards server development (new maps, weapons, models, etc…).
  • >> Visit our website <<

How to play:

  1. Download Xonotic:
  2. Connect in game to Jeff & Breakfast Vehicle Warfare (ip:

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