Jody Bruchon

I make videos and write open source software

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I make videos and tutorials about technology and I work on open source software. I am known for a program called jdupes and a video called "Windows 11 Must Be Stopped."

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jdupes 1430 Updated 1 week ago

A powerful duplicate file finder and an enhanced fork of 'fdupes'.

jodyhash 6 Updated 2 weeks ago

Jody Bruchon's fast, simple, ultra-lightweight hashing algorithm which only uses common CPU math and bitwise operations

winregfs 122 Updated 3 weeks ago

Windows Registry FUSE filesystem

tritech-utils 2 Updated 3 weeks ago

Tritech Service System utility programs and scripts

snippets 12 Updated 2 months ago

Little helpful pieces of code I wrote, then found lying around in the snippets storeroom behind the red door in the rainforest.


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