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I am starting as an independent free software (FOSS) developer.

I'm working on several projects. In particular on a webchat plugin for Peertube https://github.com/JohnXLivingston/peertube-plugin-livechat . But also on other projects, more or less advanced: a tool for automatic deployment of services (very configurable, which allows for example to automatically deploy SPIP instances), a Dolibarr module intended to manage pickups made by non profit organization that collects objects to recycle, an online tool for planning/managing resources, etc.

Deeply convinced that free software is a tool for emancipation, I want all the projects I work on to be published under a free license.

I'm also a volunteer in a militant association that does internet hosting (web, mail, VMs, dedicated servers, ...).

The purpose of the donations is to complete the funding I receive for some projects, and to allow me to devote myself to free and open source software.

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peertube-plugin-livechat 77 Updated this week

DolibarrPickup 2 Updated 1 week ago

Dolibarr module for La Ressourcerie Du Spectacle.

xmppjs-chat-bot 2 Updated 1 month ago

Server-side XMPP Chat Bot using xmpp.js

CoCOTS 0 Updated 1 year ago

peertube-plugin-filterregistrations 0 Updated 2 years ago

Peertube plugin for blocking registration depending on forbidden keywords or patterns in nickname, mail, ...

peertube-plugin-simplelogo 1 Updated 3 years ago

peertube-plugin-georegister 0 Updated 3 years ago

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