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“Faced with a divided world which is in search of unity, we must proclaim with joy and firm faith that God is communion, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, unity in distinction, and that he calls all people to share in that same Trinitarian communion. We must proclaim that this communion is the magnificent plan of God the Father; that Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Lord, is the heart of this communion, and that the Holy Spirit works ceaselessly to create communion and to restore it when it is broken. We must proclaim that the Church is the sign and instrument of the communion willed by God, begun in time and destined for completion in the fullness of the Kingdom”. (John Paul II quoting the Synod of Bishops, in ‘Ecclesia in America,” n. 33)

These words on communion express the essence and the heart of Christianity, of the good news given to us from our heavenly Father, in Christ and the Holy Spirit, and perpetuated in the Church which Christ founded to mediate his presence and closeness to humanity until the end of time. This essence is the revelation of the mystery of the Father and his love, and indeed of the inner life of God as Love–as a Trinity of Persons in everlasting intimacy–who have created and redeemed each one of us, in boundless compassion and tender generosity, to participate in the undying joy of their own intimate life.

The nature of my creative work seeks to unfold and elucidate the inestimable richness of this mystery, and to make it in some way more tangible, more visible to us in the context of the contemporary world and in our own most personal experience of life and relationship. There are a number of forms of sharing that I offer, in addition to the primary reality, namely my life devoted to prayer and pursuit of the face of God: 1) my creative work, ranging from published books to music to visual fiction; 2) the written word shared in digital form on my website, accumulated by posts or texts shared as most of my writings grew and developed; 3) finally, audio recordings of classes I have previously taught on various dimensions of human and Christian life; there are a few years’ worth of classes available on my site, almost all in the context of parish adult catechesis (though more as meditation than education).


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