I am making creative commons pixel art.

KelvinShadewing's goal is to receive $150.00 per week.


Hello! I am Kelvin Shadewing! I'm working on creating pixel art that is free for others to use, even commercially, and even creating game-ready characters. I mainly focus on platformer characters, but have some overhead adventure/RPG stuff in the works as well. I also occasionally dabble in sound design and programming, and am currently building a simple game engine. When not making original pixel art, I also like to adapt other graphics into my style. My aim is to create as big of a set of graphics as I can with a unified 16-bit-era style of tilesets, sprites, and icons.

I will be using the money I get here to commission artists to help me in areas of drawing that I'm not that good at myself, as well as posting bounties for helping with programming my games, all of which will be open source. If I can make it up to 150$ per week, I'll be able to work full time on game assets.

I have created a special license for my characters that requires assets made of them, be they graphical or audio, to be released under CC-BY-SA 4.0 to ensure these characters remain open for community use. The characters may be used in closed-source projects provided that the assets themselves are given back to the community through the creative commons.

You can find my pixel art here on my site.

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A repository for Kelvin Shadewing's creative commons pixel art.

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An endless runner game

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Open source adventure fantasy universe

XYG-Studio    3   Updated 2 months ago

Free runtime and development kit using SDL and Squirrel

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All my character mods for Starbound


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