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Heya 👋! I'm KraXen72, and I code things. You might know me from my rosebox theme suite, the crankshaft krunker client or other apps, such as:

  • glide, the highly modular but comfy startpage
  • tiger, a python music downloaded with focus on correct song metadata
  • playlist-manager, an electron app to create & manage .m3u playlists with ease (v2 rewrite soon!)

I also contributed to projects such as Vencord, TachiyomiAZ, QMK or vial-gui

I love working on these projects, however, maintaining them takes time & energy (especially rosebox's discord theme and the crankshaft client). If you want to see more activity on your favorite project, or just help me buy some coffee or club mate, donations are highly appreciated!

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rosebox Stars 96 Updated this week

a dark, eye-friendly color scheme similar to gruvbox

crankshaft Stars 41 Updated 2 weeks ago

a fast, feature-rich krunker client written in typescript

glide Stars 43 Updated 2 months ago

a modular but comfy startpage for many scenarios

tiger Stars 11 Updated 4 months ago

youtube music downloader with advanced metadata extraction

bismuth Stars 4 Updated 6 months ago

batteries included, sleek color picker extension for chrome/firefox. uses iro.js

playlist-manager Stars 26 Updated 9 months ago

easy to use tool to manage offline music playlists cross-device.

imdb-fetch Stars 17 Updated 1 year ago

website to get movie information from the imdb or tmdb database


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