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Clean energy from renewable sources should be accessible for everyone. Otherwise, how should we ever manage to limit global warming?

Unfortunately, the energy supply of most countries is still controlled by some few large fossil fuel companies which try everything to keep the status quo. Their large coal and nuclear power plants should be replaced by millions of small, decentralized renewable energy generators.

Our mission is to help reclaiming the energy supply using affordable renewable energy solutions based on open source hardware.

The primary focus of Libre Solar is solar electricity generation and storage. Accordingly, the initial open source hardware projects are a MPPT charge controller and a battery management system for Lithium ion batteries.

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charge-controller-firmware 58 Updated 1 week ago

Firmware for Libre Solar MPPT/PWM charge controllers

mppt-2420-lc 139 Updated 1 year ago

Hackable and open source MPPT solar charge controller

bms-5s50-sc 27 Updated 2 years ago

Battery management system for up to 5 Li-ion cells based on TI bq76920


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