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LinkStack is a privately financed project with many hours of work put into making all this.

Support LinkStack and help keeping our servers running. This project is envisioned to be as feature rich as possible and still free for all to use. Help us to reach that goal by donating to this project.

With this we keep our demo web server, SMTP server and Domains running for as long as possible.



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linkstack-docker 237 Updated this week

A simple to set up docker variant of LinkStack. LinkStack is a highly customizable link sharing platform with an intuitive, easy to use user interface.

LinkStack 1255 Updated this week

LinkStack - the ultimate solution for creating a personalized & professional profile page. Showcase all your important links in one place, forget the limitation of one link on social media. Set up your personal site on your own server with just a few clicks.

docs 0 Updated 1 week ago

📚 The documentation of LinkStack

linkstack-themes 64 Updated 4 months ago

A list of themes for LinkStack. Customize the look of your LinkStack instance with themes. Themes allow you to change the look and feel of your site with a few clicks. Users can submit themes they created for everyone to download and use.

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