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rmWebUiTools Stars 37 Updated 8 months ago

Utilize the USB webinterface of your remarkable paper tablet. Export all files or use this to make your own scripts.

chessmarkable Stars 100 Updated 1 year ago

Chess for the reMarkable using the rust pleco lib

retris Stars 29 Updated 2 years ago

Implementation of rust tetris_core on the reMarkable using libremarkable

rmWacomToMouse Stars 57 Updated 2 years ago

Using the pen input (wacom) of the reMarkable to move your mouse on a pc.

rmTabletDriver Stars 23 Updated 4 years ago

A userspace tablet driver on Linux for the reMarkable Paper Tablet

GPSTie Stars 1 Updated 5 years ago

An Android-App to send GPS-Coordinates to one or more clients which are mocking GPS.


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