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voidrice 3881 Updated this week

My dotfiles (deployed by LARBS)

LARBS 1862 Updated this week

Luke's Auto-Rice Bootstrapping Scripts: Installation Scripts for My Arch Linux Meta-Distribution

dwm 670 Updated 1 week ago

Luke's build of dwm

emailwiz 1140 Updated 1 week ago

Script that installs/configures a Dovecot, Postfix, Spam Assassin, OpenDKIM Debian web server

mutt-wizard 2107 Updated 1 week ago

A system for automatically configuring mutt and isync with a simple interface and safe passwords

st 1497 Updated 1 month ago

Luke's fork of the suckless simple terminal (st) with vim bindings and Xresource compatibility.

dwmblocks 351 Updated 2 months ago

My status bar: my build of the modular dwmblocks

grb 64 Updated 7 months ago

A cli-accessible Greek Bible with the Septuagint, SBL and Apocrypha

vul 92 Updated 7 months ago

Latin Vulgate Bible on the Command Line

lb 276 Updated 7 months ago

Blog & RSS system in less than 100 lines of shell script

kjv (fork) 122 Updated 7 months ago

Read the Word of God from your terminal


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