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lb 214 Updated this week

Blog & RSS system in less than 100 lines of shell script

st 1135 Updated this week

Luke's fork of the suckless simple terminal (st) with vim bindings and Xresource compatibility.

voidrice 3121 Updated this week

My dotfiles (deployed by LARBS)

mutt-wizard 1591 Updated 1 week ago

A system for automatically configuring mutt and isync with a simple interface and safe passwords

emailwiz 590 Updated 1 week ago

Script that installs/configures a Dovecot, Postfix, Spam Assassin, OpenDKIM Debian web server

dwmblocks 192 Updated 3 weeks ago

My status bar: my build of the modular dwmblocks

dwm 376 Updated 1 month ago

Luke's build of dwm

LARBS 1458 Updated 1 month ago

Luke's Auto-Rice Bootstrapping Scripts: Installation Scripts for My Arch Linux Meta-Distribution

vul 59 Updated 7 months ago

Latin Vulgate Bible on the Command Line

grb 41 Updated 7 months ago

A cli-accessible Greek Bible with the Septuagint, SBL and Apocrypha

kjv (fork) 64 Updated 1 month ago

Read the Word of God from your terminal


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