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I run mastodon.radio

M0YNG receives £3.33 per week from 8 patrons. Goal: £3.55


Mastodon.Radio is a community space for the Amateur (Ham) Radio community.

Obviously, running a server costs money, so far we've had generous donations from the Cheltenham Amateur Radio Association, who provided funding to get us started, and Mythic Beasts, who provide a discount on our VPS hosting.

As the community grows, so do our costs. If you'd like to support the Amateur Radio community, and mastodon.radio, this is a great place to do it!

Currently the costs looks like this:

  • £161.26 a year for a VPS
  • €25.00 a year for the domain name

Future costs might include

  • $59.88 a year ( $4.99 per month ) for S3 compatible file storage (for things like avatars, photos, etc.)

Your donations are welcome, but not required. Thanks very much for your help!

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