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Everyone deserves to survive.

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This project is defunct. Any funds on hand will be distributed as usual to people asking for survival assistance, but I (garbados) haven't been able to regularly maintain the project and cannot commit to doing so at this time.

Help your friends on Mastodon get to tomorrow.

The Mastodon Community Survival Fund is a material assistance program run by Diana Thayer (me, on a best-effort, volunteer basis. 100% of funds are disbursed to folks in need, to help secure essentials like food, medicine, and shelter.

When folks on Mastodon ask for help acquiring essentials, the MCSF pitches in. When those folks have a Liberapay account, the fund subscribe an amount. Folks can request assistance directly by messaging the MCSF Mastodon ( account.

If you see someone asking for material assistance, send along a link to the toot! The MCSF is here to help.

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Everyone deserves to survive.

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