Mastodon für die DACH Region (Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz) - and everyone is welcome!

MastodonDE receives €7.84 per week from 7 patrons. Goal: €69.21
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You can find a complete and detailed explanation of our maintenance costs here:

A Shorter Version
Monthly charges:
- Electricity: 139.73 €
- Cloud servers: 86.19 €
- Internet: 35.00 €
- Domain(s): 10.92 €
- Email: 5.00 €

Total: 276.84 € / month Or 69.21 € / Week

MastodonDE is a Mastodon-based social network by Erik Uden, entirely self-hosted in our own server rack in our garage; our own nameservers, our own IP address, long-term we will even become our own ISP. No big tech is involved in any step of the process - if our servers go offline it is entirely our fault and not because AWS has their bi-weekly shutdown!

We make, build, setup, and config livestreams of the server on Twitch and post the entire story of #MastodonDE on this update thread beginning & latest post.

You can find us here on our running instance: @MastodonDE@mastodon.de

Chip in a dime, a dollar, or whatever you can if you feel like it! Our services will always remain free, without ads, and without any algorithms / data analysis. Independent, secure, and without data routes to big tech!

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