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I am Mawoka, a student, and my hobby is programming. I also host many of my projects on my own server, which costs me 5€ per month. I hope that I won't have to continue paying my server from my own money.

Keyoxide: https://keyoxide.org/hkp/468E1727DA7F0DDCF0EEE6690CB093CC568776F5

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ClassQuiz Stars 396 Updated this week

ClassQuiz is a quiz-application like Kahoot!, but open-source.

PersonalBlogEngine Stars 3 Updated 2 months ago

PersonalBlogEngine is a markdown-based headless CMS for your own personal blog.

SimpleSelfhostAuth Stars 7 Updated 6 months ago

Your reverse-proxy auth-service!

envwoman Stars 4 Updated 1 year ago

An application to sync your .env-files!

rss2apprise Stars 2 Updated 1 year ago

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