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MobTalker2's goal is to receive €5.00 per week.
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MobTalker2 is a modification for the game Minecraft by Mojang which allows players to write and play their own stories inside the game. It is a continuation of the MobTalker project by Flammarilva, complete with its own scripting language which is based on Lua and was inspired by Ren'Py.

Currently, the development team consists of three members: DarkShadow44, ckay1100 and mezzodrinker.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will my donation be used for?

    Most of your donations will go into paying for MobTalker2's web server which can be found at https://mobtalker.net/. The remainder can be used freely by all team members, but will probably be used for coffee supply, general living costs and the like.

  • Why should I care?

    A difficult question. If you're not using and not interested in using MobTalker2, there's probably hardly any reason for you to donate to the project. If you're using it, though, you can show us your appreciation and support at times when, for example, the general motivation to work on the project is low.

  • I don't have much spare money, but would still like to support you. What should I do?

    Of course we don't and don't want to ask anyone to spend more money than they should. Liberapay allows you to donate as little as one cent per year, though, so anyone who wants to donate can do so. Naturally, you can still support us by reporting issues, providing suggestions and working on the code if donating money is not your thing.


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