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Greetings everyone !

I'm opening this page for all the persons who appreciate my various useful and/or bizarre free software ARM related projects such as :

  • RockMyy
    Rockchip 3288 (RK3288) specific patches and build scripts for mainline linux kernels, along with prepared builds integrating the latest Mali GPL kernel drivers (r17p0 actually). Currently dealing with ASUS Tinkerboard specific issues.
  • MyyOpenGLHelpers
    Various OpenGL ES 2.x / 3.x C helpers, with X11 and DRM/KMS integration.
  • ARM Assembly tutorials for Android
    Explaining how to use the JNI, within native functions written in Assembly, stored in native libraries, and called by "Java" Android apps.

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simple-gl-evdev Stars 9 Updated 4 years ago

A not-so simple DRM / Evdev / OpenGL ES 2.x moving cursor example

RockMyy Stars 32 Updated 4 years ago

Build scripts and patches used to cross-compile 5.6-rcX kernels for RK3288 boards

MyyOpenGLHelpers Stars 3 Updated 4 years ago

Very simple OpenGL ES 2.x helpers libraries for Android and X11, written in C

early-assembler-prototype Stars 2 Updated 5 years ago

Quickly put in place for the Graphical Assembler Proof Of Concept

RockMyy-Build Stars 5 Updated 6 years ago

Prebuilt 4.13 kernels for RK3288 boards, including the Mali r19p0 drivers. Usable on MiQi, Tinkerboards, Firefly and other similar boards.

ARMv8a-Return-value-to-Java-Android Stars 4 Updated 7 years ago

This demonstrates how to read a value returned by a native method in a library written in Assembly for ARM64 (GNU AS Syntax), and assembled with GNU AS and GOLD

ARMv8a-Call-Java-method-from-Assembly Stars 3 Updated 7 years ago

This demonstrates how to write a native library with a procedure calling a Java method, defined in an Android app that previously invoked that native procedure. The library is written in ARMv8-A assembly.

MyyQi Stars 27 Updated 7 years ago

Working kernel with Mali r17p0 for RK3288 systems (MiQi boards and ASUS Tinkerboard (beta))

UDon Stars 1 Updated 7 years ago

A Unity Mastodon client library tentative

ARMv7-Java-JNI-return Stars 2 Updated 7 years ago

Example of calling the JNI from an ARM Assembly listing on Android

ARMv7-Java-JNI-call Stars 5 Updated 7 years ago

Example of calling Java methods through the JNI, in ARM Assembly, on Android

SimpleKlondike Stars 0 Updated 8 years ago

A really simple Klondike ( Solitaire ) game written in OpenGL ES 2.0

PlayingCardsGenerator Stars 0 Updated 8 years ago

A simple Playing Cards Generator

myy-rubylinker Stars 0 Updated 8 years ago

ARM assembler and ELF linker stubs written in Ruby.

kmscube (fork) Stars 0 Updated 7 years ago

example gl app using kms/gbm

glmark2 (fork) Stars 0 Updated 7 years ago


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