3D artist, who love and create futanari characters

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Hi! I'm Nesakko

3D artist, who love and create futanari characters, I would like to create beautiful, cute and erotic stories.

About my creations : my guideline is to create cute things and poses. I love futanari and I find them very beautiful for what they are. The goal is not really to put their attribute forward, at least no always, not to make them the main element of the scene, but more like a simple part of themselves, quite naturally ^^

You will also find a good deal of different stuff in my work, mainly pinup, but also from simple to equine cock, sextoys, and so on.

About the support : By supporting my work you will allow me to evolve my art, at first in the time I could allocate to it, as well as upgrading my hardware, or even using renderfarm to reduce my rendering time and thus reduce my hardware needs. It would also, maybe, allow me to launch into animation and help to hire voices actresses, animators, sound designers, etc...

I don't hide that at first, it will be mainly to help me to pay my bills and to eat ^^ But a lot of future things are possible, but it's in big part up to you all, if you want and can support me.

My public gallery : https://photo.nesakko.xyz

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