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zerodark-theme 261 Updated 2 months ago

A dark, medium-contrast theme for Emacs

nroam 106 Updated 3 months ago

Org-roam backlinks within org-mode buffers

Notebook 47 Updated 4 months ago

Notebook is a clean, uncluttered theme for TiddlyWiki.

Indium 1088 Updated 5 months ago

A JavaScript development environment for Emacs

Projectify 119 Updated 8 months ago

Project management for TiddlyWiki

pass 127 Updated 1 year ago

A major mode for password-store

Shields 10 Updated 1 year ago

SImple TiddlyWIki plugin to render project badges

elbank 93 Updated 4 years ago

Elbank is a personal finances application for Emacs

emacs-website 4 Updated 5 years ago

New Emacs website

seq.el 134 Updated 5 years ago

Sequence manipulation library for Emacs. Included in Emacs 25

stream 29 Updated 5 years ago

Lazy sequence library for Emacs.



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