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Peertube.social receives €5.39 per week from 9 patrons. Goal: €5.00


Peertube.social is one of the few Peertube instances that is actively moderated, by a team of four mods. We have policies against harrassment and other abuse, and we try to keep the instance free from advertising and other commercial content.

For now, donations will be used to support hosting fees for the instance (roughly 23 € per month including domain and backups). If we get more money, we will consider moving the instance to another country with less strict laws, and reimbursing moderators for their effort.

You can get rewards for your donations (make sure that you dont donate as anonymous).

5 € per month or more: 2 GB daily upload limit

10 € per month or more: 2 GB daily upload limit, and your channel listed on the about page

Disclaimer: we don't have anything to do with Peertube development.


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