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Co-Owner and Developer of @Minebench; Resource Staff for @SpigotMC; Freelance Developer and Sysadmin

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Hi! 👋 My name is Max, I am a German software engineer and fan of open source, crypto currencies and llamas.

I am creating lots of different open source stuff out of pizza and beer, mostly in Java and for Minecraft but I have some other random projects as well, just check out my repos! 😊

Most of the projects are done for my own (completely free) survival Minecraft server Minebench.de. (Lots of its code can be found here and is open source too!) I have also written a good amount of Minecraft related libraries like InventoryGui, MineDown and lang and am currently maintaining ChestShop 3 and TravelPortals. On top of all of these projects I contributed to Bukkit, Spigot and Paper too! (See my own Paper fork Origami for even more experimental patches!)

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ResourcepacksPlugins 66 Updated this week

Set resource packs on whole proxy, per server and per world!

MineDown 241 Updated this week

A MarkDown inspired markup library for Minecraft chat components

InventoryGui 162 Updated 3 weeks ago

A library for Bukkit plugins to create GUIs with inventories

RandomTeleport 17 Updated 6 months ago

Bukkit plugin which lets you teleport players to random locations. [v2: 1.13 - 1.16.x]

VersionConnector 10 Updated 1 year ago

Bungee plugin to connect different Minecraft client versions to different servers on join

IDConverter 12 Updated 3 years ago

Converts numeric item IDs to Bukkit Material names (1.13 and legacy) in files (e.g. configs)


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