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Hello everypony!

I'm the owner and admin of Pony.Tube, a pony-centric video hosting service. I'm asking for donations to help offset the cost of running the service.

Video hosting ain't cheap

As you may be aware, running a video hosting service is not cheap, and in just the first month running Pony.Tube my cloud services bill increased by over $150 to over $200 per month.

Large file size

Video files are large, and every video uploaded is copied up to 6 times as it is transcoded to different resolutions to provide better streaming performance.

Bandwidth isn't free

I have to pay not only for storage, but also for data transfer. Even though Peertube leverages the power of P2P to help decrease data transfer amounts, it is still a significant amount.


So I'm asking for anything you can spare to help offset the costs of running the server for you.

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