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You always wanted to create your own permaculutre garden, but to figure out all the companions plant takes a lot of time?

You want to know when you can harvest and what plants need attention without reading big books and articles about plants?

We develop an (web) application that helps you creating your bed with:

  • companion planting
  • help you to create your permaculture zones
  • tracks the history of beds and suggests you the best plants for the next cycle
  • suggests the right plants to put in the beds after one of your plants died or harvested
  • alarms you when frost/storm is coming and suggests you to protect your plants
  • takes community experience into account so we find better methods to solve problems
  • calculates expected harvest
  • schools you about the different types of symbiosis
  • works in your garden (off line) and at home (online) on your mobile (mobile first) and on your laptop
  • because it is a web app it does work on all plattforms with a browser

This apps goal is to support the permaculture gardener and farmer in everything he needs to plan and organize his garden.


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