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What is Project Segfault?

Project Segfault is an organization mainly hosting privacy instances like Nitter, Invidious, Matrix, Libreddit and more!.

Who runs the Project?

The members of the project can be seen here.


Currently, We are using 2 VPSes that have been paid for a year a few months ago. We pay monthly a VPS called PIZZA-1 and We have a physical server that also take a fair share of electricity. Not to forget the costs of the domain name. In order to keep the project alive and sustainable, we rely on your donations to be able to pay all the above. You can see how we use your donations in our transparency repo on Github or our own self hosted Gitea Instance. [ Update: 25/10 ] We also use your donations to contribute to some projects we run and actively use.

Got any questions?

You can go to the contact page and ask us or inform us of anything we aren't aware of. There are no automated responses, and we respond pretty quickly!

Thank you

If you do consider donating, we thank you from the bottom of our heart. Every new donation gives us a huge smile as it motivates us to keep the project alive!

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