I'm Bob Call : I work on Free Software and break things.

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I'm Bob Call and I work on various libre software and free culture works. My primary focus is in the area of embedded software development and breaking things. Donations that I get will go towards funding the libreCMC project, future free/libre software projects and buying test hardware that could be made to run only libre software.

Projects I work on:

libreCMC : The libreCMC project is an embedded GNU/Linux[-libre] distro for routers and other types of devices.

Projects that I have worked on:

LibreWRT : A libre fork of OpenWRT and was the predecessor to the libreCMC project.


Matrix : @bobcallme:matrix.bobcall.me

Email: bob [AT] bobcall [dot] me

IRC: RISCi_ATOM on FreeNode

ActivityPub : https://social.bobcall.me/@RISCi_ATOM

Gogs: RISCi_ATOM , libreCMC



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