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The Revolver Project is more fediverse server software. Revolver is designed to eliminate two problems encountered in the process of running fediverse instances: administration is work, and servers are still bulky points of failure.

  • No admins, no masters, no backups: Decentralized systems don't need them when architected properly.
  • Resilient: No individual domain name, individual machine, or individual admin is responsible for the network.
  • The internet routes around censorship: No reliance on DNS, LetsEncrypt, or any central authority. Revolver federates through multiple channels, including IPFS, and the broader fediverse by serialization to LitePub.
  • Lightweight: Small enough to run a node on your phone.
  • Low-Tech: Nothing complicated, just well-understood tech we should have assembled in the 90s.
  • Spam-resistant: Manual and automatic filtering to keep public nodes clean.
  • E2EE DMs: No spying on private messages by admins, the government, anyone.
  • Keep the fediverse: Revolver will remain compatible with the rest of the fediverse: Pleroma, Honk, PixelFed, Friendica, Hubzilla, even Mastodon. The project came from the fediverse and is indebted to the fediverse (especially Pleroma), so the software will speak LitePub and work with the fediverse instead of competing with it.
  • Keep your frontend: Revolver will be compatible with, at least, the standard PleromaFE and bloat.
  • Plan 9-friendly: Smug overload. Revolver is developed on Plan 9 and Linux and will remain compatible with both.


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