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Rolling Rhino Remix is a Linux distribution that converts Ubuntu into a rolling release.

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What is Rolling Rhino Remix?

Rolling Rhino Remix is an unofficial Ubuntu flavour which converts the Ubuntu operating system into a rolling release Linux distribution by tracking the devel series. A rolling release distribution is a Linux distribution which receives continuous package updates, and as such there are no major updates (unlike Ubuntu’s current release model where there is clear progression between versions). A rolling release model offers new and experienced users a new way to utilize their desktop PC, without the hassle of major upgrades.

If you prefer the easy-to-use nature of Ubuntu but prefer the style of a rolling release from other distributions such as Arch Linux then Rolling Rhino Remix might be for you! We work hard to ensure that Rolling Rhino Remix has the best possible user experience. We have created tools and additional repositories to try to ensure that Ubuntu works smoothly as a Rolling Release distribution.

I have personally felt like Ubuntu should have always adopted the rolling release model rather than providing interim releases. Ubuntu would still be able to provide LTS releases for enterprise use and those who would prefer a point release distribution, and then the rolling release version could be provided as the recommended distribution for desktop users.

We have a minimal installation option included within the Ubuntu Ubiquity installer. This option differs drastically to Ubuntu's minimal option. When selected it will remove all packages that are not necessary to the system, including a graphical desktop environment. This means you will have a minimalistic installation of Rolling Rhino Remix which you can customize to your requirements.

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