I'm a musician and developer involved with several free projects

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I'm the internet citizen known as SHAN. I work on a bunch of stuff online, mostly related to gaming, music, and the intersection of the two.

Video Game Music Archive (https://vgmusic.com) - I am the current system administrator for this site and I work (off and on) on updating and modernizing it. I assume this is where most people would know me from. VGMusic was first started in the mid 90s by a couple of guys who are cooler than me. I mostly check it every few days to make sure it still works correctly, but the rumors of a site overhaul for the past... 12 years(?)... will come true someday.

VGMusic Compos (https://compos.beamsaber.com) - Companion site to the above, mostly focused on the Sample Pack Contests that we run in our Discord server. Hosting this site is relatively inexpensive but comes with a lot of work whenever a contest ends.

Classic Game Servers (https://classicgameservers.com) - I host servers for several old multiplayer games. The idea is to find games with few active servers and host of my own, so if the other servers ever go offline, there is still be an easy way for people to play the games. Games include Chocolate Doom, BZFlag, and Nettrek. This site is offline as of 2020-08-21, but everything is backed up and I will try to have a new home for it soon.


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