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Who am i?

Anthony Chomienne, Freelance developer. I develop for Android some open-source applications. Work on my open-source projects is something very cool and i would spend more time on them. This is why i accept gifts to work more on my projects.

Current Project


Android application that upload photo on lutim instance and allow you to share the generated link to who you want.

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Blood donation

Android application that allow french people to know where they can give their blood to the French Blood Office (EFS). The application locate the user and give information about mobile and permanent collect. This app is not open-source right now because it need a big rewrite.

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Android application that flash binaries on your NXP's LPC microcontrollers. It's a port of a Linux app to Android with some new functions

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Cozy Music

Android Application that let you listen your music stored on your CozyCloud in streaming and download it on your device.

More informations soon.

Other projects

I have some other projects on my todo list. More information soon.

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