help cover server costs for iamlydias (a very gay mastodon instance run by a demoness)

Sireffe receives $5.00 per week from 1 patron. Goal: $2.50


Uptime Robot ratio (30 days)
iamlydias is a mastodon instance for the wayward soul. While this server is run by a demoness, we do take moderation very seriously on this instance so that you can relax and be yourself. If we can cover the full $10/mo then I can move it into it's own server and better manage downtime risks.

Costs (souls don't pay the bills y'know)

  • $10/mo for the server


excess will go towards commissioning more custom emojis for the server

Level of service

  • I may restart the service without warning (it shouldn't mess things up too much and takes <2 mins)
  • be sure to check the terms and the community rules
  • any expected downtime greater than "a couple of mins" will be announced at least 10 mins ahead of time.

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