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Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by the Shepherd's Oasis page. My nickname is ThePhD, but my real name is JeanHeyd. I'm an undergraduate focusing on Vision, Graphics and Simulation. Everything you give will go straight to keeping me alive and funding these wild and crazy trips halfway across the planet to represent small unheard of companies and individuals in the C++ Standards Committee, as well as pushing forward any and all of my open source endeavors such as sol2 and text!

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sol2 2088 Updated this week

Sol3 (sol2 v3.0) - a C++ <-> Lua API wrapper with advanced features and top notch performance - is here, and it's great! Documentation:

infoware 150 Updated 2 weeks ago

C++ Library for pulling system and hardware information, without hitting the command line.

itsy_bitsy 52 Updated 1 month ago

Bit containers, sequences, and views for everyone. 🕷️

future_cxx 9 Updated 1 month ago

Work done today for the glory of tomorrow - or, C++ papers.

embed 28 Updated 4 months ago

Forward, no matter what.

out_ptr 31 Updated 7 months ago

Repository for a C++11 implementation of std::out_ptr (p1132), as a standalone library!


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