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Writing open source software takes time.

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mx-puppet-bridge 31 Updated 1 week ago

Puppeting library for matrix

mx-puppet-slack 19 Updated 1 week ago

Slack puppeting bridge for matrix

mx-puppet-skype 8 Updated 3 weeks ago

mx-puppet-twitter 9 Updated 3 weeks ago

A twitter matrix puppeting bridge

mx-puppet-instagram 11 Updated 3 weeks ago

An instagram matrix puppeting bridge

mx-puppet-tox 3 Updated 3 weeks ago

A tox puppting bridge/client for matrix

matrix-3ds-sdk 5 Updated 1 month ago

miitrix 33 Updated 1 month ago

A Nintendo 3DS matrix client

matrix-synchrotron-balancer 7 Updated 3 months ago

arduino-upload 29 Updated 4 months ago

Atom Package for those who don't like the Arduino IDE


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