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The aim of our platform is to promote exchange in society as well as local and national networking. The different opinions, needs and interests of different communities are to be presented in a diverse program in which emancipatory perspectives on society, culture, music and politics are in the foreground. Radio as a voice.

By integrating formats and programs that focus not only on music, but also on literature, visual arts, socioculture, educational or cultural policy, we strengthen interactions between local, national and international participants and reflect critically on social structures. We want to try new things and offer a platform for experimenting together. The aim is to create connections at eye level among all those involved – without capitalist exploitation pressure, without competition and in solidarity.

As an open, non-profit association, we would like to enable low-threshold access to the design of the program and thus also allow alternative broadcast formats to be created. People, institutions and collectives, regardless of their previous knowledge, can independently bring in ideas and transmit them either from our studio or, thanks to mobile transmission technology, from other locations. The programs are then made freely accessible in an archive.

In order to counteract the increasing polarization of society, we would like to make our platform available to people and groups who are socially marginalized, sexist and / or racially discriminated and therefore have no or only limited access to conventional media production.


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