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As a free individual, I'd like to expose a critical point of view regarding the existence of a monetary system in a society and show small practical solutions and alternatives towards a world composed of free and responsible individuals that create and share goods and services in abundance. If you prospect for a non monetary system and a grassroots sharing economy, please support me and start your initiative to join a community where we really care about each other. Thank you!


Most of us would answer yes, highlighting our needs to buy from daily basic needs to fun or the need to get paid for a job. In essence: the need to "earn a living", as if life were a merit of which people can only boast if they earn money, otherwise one can even starve to death.

Only a few would instead say no, recognizing that no chemical or physical process needs money to be accomplished and that it is therefore only a convention invented out of thin air and commonly accepted out of respect for the rules of commercial exchange, now consolidated for millennia and difficult or impossible to eradicate.

Unfortunately both are right. The world we have built has become the world in which, too often, having access to the resources necessary to lead a life that deserves to be called such, is impossible without this acquisition license. The interpersonal relationships of most individuals in the 'market' — that place where resources pass from the ownership of one or more individuals to the ownership of others — are now exclusively commercial, where the transactions of real goods are necessarily exchanged for fictitious values. Each individual can access a quantity of resources necessary for his own existence purposes, equal to the value of money he owns. This artifact puts us in competition with each other with the aim of seeing our wishes fulfilled, almost always at the expense of someone else. Having more money means having greater access to resources, higher purchasing capacity, and last but not least, the possibility of corrupting other individuals in order to acquire their power and exert it upon others. The whole trade is based on the assumption of being able to extort as much money from others as possible, provided that the moral limits and commercial ethics commonly accepted to allow the perpetration of extortion are not exceeded. The invisible hand between supply and demand is the hand of an impostor who insinuates himself into the minds of the masses through the natural need to gratify the providers of goods or services. Sociable human nature leads us to reciprocate a gift out of gratitude, in furtherance of monetary culture we have learned to exploit each other.

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