Fabio Giovanazzi

Free software supporter, Android developer, maintainer of NewPipe and Dicio assistant

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quadermas Stars 16 Updated 1 month ago

Android app to fetch and view data from "Quaderno Elettronico Mastercom"

dicio-android Stars 591 Updated 2 months ago

Dicio assistant app for Android

tridenta Stars 29 Updated 4 months ago

Trentino public transport with stops, lines, trips and delays. Android app built with Jetpack Compose and Material 3.

olympiad-exercises Stars 3 Updated 4 months ago

Competitive programming exercises for Informatics Olympiad

plotter Stars 10 Updated 2 years ago

All the needed software to print images, text or gcode files on a plotter (a pen that moves along two xy axes)

arg-parser Stars 8 Updated 3 years ago

Argument parser for modern C++: no runtime overhead; auto-generated help screen.

NewPipe (fork) Stars 3 Updated 1 week ago

A lightweight Youtube frontend for Android.


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