Ning Sun

I create software/libraries that benefit people.

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slacker 317 Updated 1 week ago

Transparent, non-incursive RPC by clojure and for clojure

handlebars-rust 645 Updated 2 weeks ago

Rust templating with Handlebars

ring-jetty9-adapter 144 Updated 3 weeks ago

Ring adapter for jetty9, which supports websocket and http2

cargo-release 609 Updated 4 weeks ago

Cargo subcommand "release": everything about releasing a rust crate.

diehard 226 Updated 3 months ago

Clojure library of flexible retry, circuit breaker and rate limiter

node-geohash 461 Updated 6 months ago

geohash library for nodejs

handlebars-iron 119 Updated 1 year ago

Handlebars middleware for Iron web framework

slacker-cluster 77 Updated 2 years ago

Clojure Micro-Service framework based on Slacker RPC


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