Syrena is not a squot, it's a strike! After a violent eviction, we ask the community about support.

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Syrena is not a squot, it's a strike!

As a result of the Przychodnia skloot attack, as of 5.12. no women's or queer person lives at Sirena anymore, more than a dozen activist people have lost their homes, and many communities have lost their space to operate. At this point, individuals have no access to their belongings remaining in the building at 30 Wilcza St. (including documents, medication, and warm clothing).

More information about the situation can be found at https://linktr.ee/syrena.wilcza.

We want to use the funds collected in this collection to provide the most urgent needs of activist people, especially those deprived of a strong social base. Mermaid activists deprived of their homes and belongings need funds for such things as:

medication, food, clothing, housing, psychological support and medical care

and other needs that we may not yet be thinking about while in shock after Sunday's events.


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