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Hey Crafters!

I decided to set up a Liberapay account for those who would like to sponsor the work I do on System Crafters without using one of the more proprietary systems like GitHub Sponsors or Patreon. Your support here will enable me to increase the time I spend on content, improve the quality of the videos, and also provide useful services to the System Crafters community.

I will greatly appreciate support of any amount. Those who support me at certain levels will receive the same perks as those on GitHub Sponsors or Patreon! See those here: https://github.com/sponsors/daviwil

When you become a sponsor, please let me know via e-mail so that I can get you set up: <david@systemcrafters.cc>

Thanks for considering supporting my work!


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emacs-from-scratch Stars 1700 Updated 1 year ago

An example of a fully custom Emacs configuration developed live on YouTube!

dotcrafter.el Stars 63 Updated 3 years ago

Manage your dotfiles with Emacs!

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