TROM: creating trade-free stuff, including an Operating System

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Our minimal expenses are around 1.000 Euros/month. At times they are a bit less, sometimes a bit more. The money covers everything related to the following projects: tromsite.com, tromjaro.com, trade-free.org, videoneat.com, ourminds.online, musikwave.com, and our TROM Cloud. Servers, backups, maintenance, plugins, managing of their social networks, etc.. On top of that it pays for one full-time working volunteer that is in charge of everything related to these projects, including the creation of new materials (books, videos, operating system, etc.). Every month we calculate all of the currencies that we receive from all of the platforms bellow, and update the counter to reflect our 1.000 Euros per month goal. We need your help to keep all of these trade-free projects alive and relevant.

What we do (in a nutshell):

.… and more


TROM joined 3 years ago.

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