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About me

Hi! I'm Florian Bruhin and the main developer of the qutebrowser project. I finished my Bachelor of Science in September 2019 and am now only employed ~16h per week (40%).

This means I can now spend a considerable amount of time on my passion: Working on open-source/free software. I founded my own company (Bruhin Software) for some additional freelancing work, but my main goal is to work on what I enjoy and find important - which means mostly qutebrowser!

I also contribute to other projects I use often:

  • I'm one of the maintainers of pytest as well as various plugins such as pytest-qt.
  • I'm involved in the herbstluftwm window manager and hosting its website and other infrastructure.
  • I've contributed to dozens (hundreds?) of other projects - whenever I see something I feel like I can improve without spending too much time on it, I try to do so!

About qutebrowser

qutebrowser logo A keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5 and Qt.

In late 2013, I started qutebrowser. After it gained a bigger userbase than I had initially expected, I worked full-time on it for some months, supported by crowdfundings (2016 and 2017). This allowed me to invest a lot of time into qutebrowser and implement major new features.

During my studies, it became clear that qutebrowser grew into much more than just a hobby: Even the minimum maintenance work needed to keep things running filled up the free time I was able to invest.

Now that my studies are finished, I'd like to pick up pace again by working on qutebrowser part-time. That way, I can make sure that it gets the love and maintenance it deserves. Your donations will help me to keep this sustainable for a long time.

You can find my current priorities in the roadmap.

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