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I make open source tools and games :)

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Hiya! I hope you're having a nice day. I develop open source games like Octopuzzler and SUD💜KU, as well as a blog at blog.allpurposem.at. Most of my current development activity happens on my own git server and is centered around my game development studies at Howest DAE. I am porting all of the course materials and game engines to Linux (and web), which has been a monumental task so far. I look forward to writing more about it on my blog!

My website: https://allpurposem.at

I do this for fun and don't expect an income, but I appreciate every donation. :) If you donate money, you're helping me afford game development studies in university and the hardware required to continue making cool projects. Thanks!!

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Octopuzzler Stars 11 Updated 3 months ago

A short octopus-themed indie game developed by two high school students, originally for 2021’s GMTK Game Jam. Back up your (in-game) files before your (in-game) hard drive is filled with ink!

Sudoku Stars 53 Updated 6 months ago

FOSS Sudoku, made with 💜 (and Flutter).

Reverse-Abduction-Simulator Stars 4 Updated 2 years ago

Minecraft4k-CPP Stars 21 Updated 2 years ago

A reimagining of Minecraft4k in C++, now with GPU acceleration!

Whitehole (fork) Stars 16 Updated 1 year ago

A level editor for Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2.


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