Tyler Kennedy

I develop, host, maintain, and run a number of open-source tools.

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I develop, host, maintain, and run a number of open-source tools (ex: Notifico!) and references (ex: wiki.vg). I also work on major projects like CKAN, the open-source data portal that powers most of the world's OpenData initiatives such as data.gov, data.gov.uk, open.canada.ca, etc...

Most of these services I host have been running out-of-pocket, ad-free, and cost-free since their inception for 5+ years. I am glad they are useful to others and enjoy working on them. Any donation through this service is used exclusively towards offsetting hosting costs.

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pysimdjson 454 Updated this week

Python bindings for the simdjson project.

notifico 145 Updated 2 months ago

My personal http://cia.vc replacement. Now used by over 3000 projects.

ckanext-cloudstorage 27 Updated 4 months ago

Implements support for resource storage against multiple popular providers via apache-libcloud (S3, Azure Storage, etc...)

Lawu 36 Updated 1 year ago

A Python library for inspecting JVM class files (.class)


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