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pytekdatamuse 0 Updated 2 months ago

Unofficial Python Wrapper around Datamuse API https://datamuse.com/api

pympesa 5 Updated 2 months ago

Clean Wrapper library around Safaricom's daraja Mpesa api pip install daraja-mpesa

pytekmomoapi 0 Updated 2 months ago

An Opinionated Python SDK for the for the MTN Mobile Money API. The goal of this SDK library is to enable python developers implement MTN Mobile Money APIs in a flexible, yet consistent manner.

pytekcoopbank 1 Updated 2 months ago

Unofficial Python SDK for the Co-operative Bank of Kenya Developer APIs. pip install pytekcoopbank.

py-equity-jenga-api 3 Updated 2 months ago

[WIP] Unofficial Python wrapper around the JengaAPIs that are pre-integrated into the financial, identity, credit and payment systems across Africa.

greydot-api 0 Updated 7 months ago

Greydot.me South Africa Mobile Money, SMS, Calls, Fax, Airtime API SDK

django-firebase-orm (fork) 13 Updated 1 month ago

Django ORM for the NoSQL object model database, firebase


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