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My name is Noah Bangs, a 30-year-old with a rich knowledge of video games and skills in almost every facet of media.

I have chosen to bolster the ranks of creative commons after unwanted conflict in my life and seeing how people are easily corrupted by fame and fortune. In turn, I decided right then and there that I would not become like them, for I care too much about my fellow human being and want to help in any way that I can.

One of the issues I found is that the free market is starved of content due to intellectual property, and you have to tiptoe on eggshells everywhere you go, because you'd be surprised to know that people are quick to vilify you for just one thing, no matter how small. I hated this with every fiber of my being and now, it has become one of my purposes in life to provide the public with as much freely useable content as I possibly can.

I find it better to give than to receive, but if any of you care to support me in my endeavor, it's greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

 Noah Bangs

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