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Unoffensive Animal was born out of the necessity to inspire activists. After complaining about how the radical left has an incline to disregard veganism and qualify it as classist and colonialist, and after feeling completely disheartened by animal rights activists disregarding human issues, we decided to create a media outlet able to bring both sides and to help radicalise activists.

With your support we are able to aid activists in legal trouble and folks that have been imprisoned. We also use money for traveling being able to give workshops in multiple countries or assisting in occupations and actions. We have a monthly outcome on phone/internet bills as well as website hosting and all those boring internet things. We also attempt to save up, when possible, to be able to buy new equipment like cameras that are useful during actions or investigations.

You don’t have to support us, but it would be very useful. Maybe you can spare £1, or £5, or £20! Whatever it is, we can assure you that our aims are never financial gain, but mutual aid towards activists and towards the oppressed.

We are a media outlet. We want to empower activists and to show the world what activists are doing. For that reason, we sometimes publish news about actions that are considered illegal under many countries’ law. Even though we condemn the repressive nature of laws, we would like to make clear that Unoffensive Animal does not promote, seek to incite or partake on illegal actions. Our purpose when publishing said actions is merely to inform the overall public about what people are up to.

Until ALL are free.

Unoffensive Animal Collective.

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