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Welcome to V0LT, where I develop free and open source software that respects your privacy!

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Welcome to V0LT! My name is Conner Vieira and I make free, open source, and privacy respecting software and services. I upload my content to v0lttech.com to be downloaded for free. I never use ads or data tracking, so the only monetary income I receive is through donations from people who enjoy what I do.

At V0LT, I create various forms of technology related content.

  • I develop free and open source software that doesn't depend on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.

  • I create open source games that can be downloaded and played for free.

  • I create royalty and copyright free tracks using free samples.

  • I create mashups of songs that can be listened to and downloaded for free.

    • Note: Due to copyright law, you'll need to license them with the original artists to use them commercially.
  • I create websites and software for open source projects at no charge.

  • I host online services that respect your privacy.

  • I created and moderate ChatJet, an ad-free social media platform.

  • I take royalty and copyright free stock photos that can be downloaded and used for free without watermarks.

  • I create royalty and copyright free wallpapers.

  • I write tutorials on various technology related topics.

In order to keep doing what I do, and to dedicate more time and resources to it, I need a way to fund it. Instead of using ads, data tracking, or paid downloads, I've opted to use a donation system, as I believe it offers the best experience for users, while still allowing me to fund my projects. If you use V0LT content often, or find it particularly helpful, any donation here would greatly help me continue to produce it. Everything is greatly appreciated, and helps more than many people understand. If everyone who used V0LT content frequently opted to donate just $1 monthly, I'd have enough to produce dramatically more complex content, and invest far more resources into my work. If you can afford to help support V0LT, I greatly appreciate every cent, but if you can't afford to, or simply don't want to, you're still completely free to use all V0LT content regardless.

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HealthBox 4 Updated 3 weeks ago

An open source platform to centralize health information

EasyRadar 0 Updated 1 month ago

EasyRadar is a program used to quickly calculate the exact speed of an object given a distance, temperature, and length of time.

QuadFormPro 0 Updated 1 month ago

A simple tool for determining the roots/factors of a quadratic, as well as the descriminant.

VirtualBank 0 Updated 6 months ago

VirtualBank is a quick tool for managing pretend money for board games, video games, or other purposes.

Multinet 0 Updated 6 months ago

Multinet is a thought provoking game for computer techies, in which the player explores the "Multinet", an alternate internet developed by a fictional AI coined GalaxyAI. The player explores this virtual world using the command line, by entering Linux style commands.

SGen-Desktop 1 Updated 6 months ago

SGen Desktop is a toolset for generating, analyzing, and manipulating random strings of information on MacOS

Operator 0 Updated 6 months ago

Operator is a program to help determine whether or not your surrounding conditions fit Apple's technical specifications for the selected device. This can be used to quickly determine whether or not it is safe to use your device in the current environment, according to Apple's specifications.

QuickCount 0 Updated 6 months ago

QuickCount is a program designed to quickly count how many characters are in a string without the overhead and resource demand of a full word processor.

Circulous 0 Updated 6 months ago

Circulous is a fast offline circle calculator to determine the radius, area, and circumference of a circle.

Hexagon 0 Updated 6 months ago

Hexagon is a simple color picker for developers on MacOS

Bloom 3 Updated 6 months ago

An open source platformer with creative mechanics!


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