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We Distribute is a media publication dedicated to the development of the Fediverse!

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We Distribute was originally started as a publication experiment around early 2014, offering detailed coverage of the development of various federated social networking platforms in a shared space. Over time, our publication has expanded to cover the development of [the Fediverse]() itself, offering reviews, interviews with creators, and updates regarding technology stacks and the ActivityPub protocol.

For a time, We Distribute has been a part of the Federated Networks Association (FENEAS). Sadly, FENEAS is in the process of being dissolved, which has given our publication the opportunity to spin back off into its own entity. To facilitate this, we need your financial support to help cover the hosting cost and keep our project going!

We're looking at the possibility of moving the existing blog to a leaner, faster, simpler platform, with a better publishing workflow. Originally, our publication had the distinction of being something that actually federated out with the rest of the fediverse, allowing social accounts to easily comment on articles from their own spaces. We want to bring that back, and expand our coverage to a wider range of topics related to Free Software and computing.


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